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4 Office Cleaning SEO Tips to Land More Commercial Cleaning Contracts

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SEO can be a challenge for office cleaning companies when it comes to knowing what keywords to optimize for and what technical aspects contribute to ranking on the top of Google. Commercial cleaning search engine optimization requires multiple strategies all working together to achieve the desired results.

One of the most important things to take into consideration is the time required to see results. We see many office cleaning SEO agencies claim that you can rank on the top of Google within a few months to less than 30 days. First, search engine optimization takes time, as many layers need to be addressed to build a long-term campaign.

Second, fast results can indicate unethical SEO techniques are being used, which are often short-lived. They are also dangerous, putting your website at risk of being penalized and delisted from Google’s search results.

Our goal is to properly educate you on the best commercial cleaning SEO tips that can help your office cleaning business rank on the top of Google for the phrases and keywords that your potential clients are searching for when seeking to make a hiring decision.

There are many different aspects of search engine optimization, and while it would be impossible to cover them all in this article, these tips will help you create a strong starting point that you can build upon. Let’s go over four SEO tips to help your commercial cleaning business move towards the top of Google’s search results.

1. Build Location-Specific Commercial Cleaning Website Pages

One of the biggest missed opportunities is creating individual pages for each location that your office cleaning provides its service in. This approach can help you attract more qualified traffic because you are optimizing for the specific locations that your potential business is located in.

If your business is located in San Diego, California you will naturally want to optimize your homepage for terms such as “commercial cleaning in San Diego” and “office cleaning in San Diego,” but what about the other geographical locations nearby?

There may be anywhere from 10 to 50 additional cities and towns that your business services, and when those individuals are searching on Google it’s their instinct to search using the physical location their business is located in. For example, someone with a commercial building in Escondido is going to naturally search for “commercial cleaning in Escondido” so if your website isn’t optimized to rank for all of the locations you service there will be a massive amount of potential leads left on the table.

Take the time to build a page for each service location and consider the following suggestions to help rank each page higher in the search results:

  • Use your location and service keyword in the page title, URL, heading text, alt-image tag, and meta description for the best on-page optimization.
  • Include several long-tail variations in each page’s content. Think of the keywords and search phrases a potential client would be typing into Google and include them throughout the content in a natural manner.
  • Avoid duplicating your location pages and just changing the title and URL. This can lead to a duplicate content penalty from Google. Make sure each page is unique.

Make sure to create a central hub on your website that links out to all of your location-specific pages. Interlinking your pages is important for the best SEO results.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Page to Rank on Top of Google Maps

Setting up and claiming a Google My Business page is something almost every business has done. What most have not done, though, is properly optimize the listing for the best chance of being found in the Google Maps results.

There are many benefits of setting up your Google My Business profile, along with many features that the majority of business owners don’t know exist. The information contained within your GMB profile is what Google uses when displaying its Maps results.

This has become the most coveted real estate in the local search results because it’s on top and the map draws all of the attention due to its visual nature. All of the details, from business hours, address, phone number, reviews, and contract methods all originate from the GMB listing.

Audit your listing and ensure everything is correct. Then, write an optimized description focused on your main keyword – what search term do you want to show up on top for? With such limited character space, you should optimize for a term that will bring consistent traffic to your website.

There are also some very effective features you can enable within your profile, like SMS communication. This allows potential customers to contact your business via text messaging, which is one of the most popular – and frictionless – means of communication these days.

By enabling this additional method of communication your office cleaning business can generate more inbound inquiries almost instantly. You will also want to direct your clients to your GMB profile to leave reviews. These play a significant role in where your business ranks in the Maps results.

3. Publish Office Cleaning Blog Content Focused on Low Competition Keywords

Maintaining an active blog is one of the best ways to exponentially scale your organic traffic volume month after month. When you combine intelligent keyword research and on-page optimization and pair it with well-written content you can see amazing results – and fairly quickly when you focus this effort on low-hanging fruit.

The majority of content marketing campaigns fail because the wrong keywords are being targeted. While the high volume terms would be great to rank for, the competition is so high that it would require a huge link building budget to crank page one. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will rank on top or high enough to justify the cost.

Instead, by focusing on low competition terms, it allows you to rank on top with very little link building. In some instances, you can rank with solid on-page optimization alone. When you do this at scale you can snowball your organic traffic, and because the terms are so specific and laser-focused the quality is unmatched.

This traffic converts into leads and commercial cleaning clients higher than more generic higher search volume keywords. Ranking for a keyword that attracts 40 visitors and converts at 20% (8 leads) per month is better than ranking for a term that attracts 1,000 visitors and doesn’t convert.

Traffic volume as a standalone metric doesn’t equate to success in the SEO world. Write blog posts that are optimized to rank for your keywords, but also focus on providing value. Remember, potential clients are going to be reading this content. Use this as an opportunity to highlight your unique selling points and why your business is the best option for their needs. The more trust you can convey in your blog content, the more effective your commercial cleaning SEO strategy will be.

4. Run a Campaign to Secure Google Reviews and Client Testimonials

We mentioned the importance of securing reviews above, as they contribute to your position on Google Maps. Remembering to ask every office cleaning client to leave a review can become cumbersome, and let’s face it, you have better ways to spend your time and energy.

Setting up an automated system to ask for reviews as well as testimonials, benefits your commercial cleaning SEO campaign and helps you establish a strong reputation online. A business with more reviews is always perceived as being the superior choice – that’s just how the consumer mindset works.

When a job is marked complete in your CMS have it set to send out a thank you email that also invites the client to leave a review, giving them a direct link to your Google My Business reviews. If you notice the response to your ask is low try changing your wording or offering some incentive, such as a discount on the next scheduled office cleaning.

Testimonials – written and video – can be displayed on your website next to your calls-to-action. This can lead to a much higher conversion rate because third-party reviews are trusted and further instill confidence that your commercial cleaning business is the best choice.

Final Thoughts

With the vast majority of potential commercial cleaning service clients’ beginning their search on Google, your office cleaning business must be found at the top of the search results. Otherwise, your opportunity for growth and expansion will be greatly limited.

It requires knowing basic SEO fundamentals, understanding what keywords to optimize your website for and build content around, and how to create an appealing company image that instills immediate consumer trust online.

While being the top listing is great, it doesn’t automatically mean every potential customer is going to come knocking with their wallet out ready to sign a commercial cleaning contract with your company. All of this can be quite overwhelming, which is why our full-service office cleaning marketing service is a great option for those that simply don’t have the time to learn SEO or the manpower to manage an online marketing campaign.

If you would like to learn more about our commercial cleaning marketing services please contact us today so we can review your options and help develop a strategy to increase your lead volume and monthly client contracts. Our team of office cleaning marketing experts will also be more than happy to explain and elaborate on any of the tips outlined above.

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