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How to Create Effective Facebook Ads for Cleaning Companies

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Marketing a cleaning company online requires several different strategies, with Facebook advertising being one of the most effective due to the targeting options available to advertisers. Running a Facebook ad campaign requires a lot of know-how and experience; establishing a reasonable budget, creating marketing goals, and knowing what audiences to target are just some of the important factors that contribute to a campaign’s success.

In order to generate interest from prospective customers, you first need to identify some targeting options that are likely to get you in front of that target demographic. For a cleaning company, there are typically two targets: homeowners and commercial property owners.

For homeowners, you’re more than likely looking to target busy parents and homes in more financially prominent neighborhoods, as cleaning services are typically considered a luxury and not a necessity. For commercial properties, you are likely to target business owners and property managers.

Structuring the technical side of a cleaning company’s Facebook advertising campaign is best handled by experts with a vast knowledge of not only Facebook’s advertising guidelines and algorithm, but also the cleaning industry, both commercial and residential.

While we handle the Facebook advertising campaigns for cleaning companies throughout the country, we believe it’s important to explain what contributes to a successful campaign. Let’s look at several contributing factors that help cleaning companies attract new customers through Facebook ads.

Establish a Facebook Ads Budget for Your Cleaning Company

It’s important to establish a Facebook advertising budget that you are comfortable with, knowing that it takes some testing and data accumulation to get the campaign generating leads and customers.

Many businesses will launch a campaign with little to no experience and spend a few hundred dollars expecting customers to come knocking on their door. You also need to establish a cost per acquisition that you are comfortable with and one that allows you to operate your business profitably.

Not knowing what your cost-per-lead and cost-per-customer need to be will result in mismanagement. When you know these numbers as well as your target budget – daily and monthly – you can establish goals that the campaign is optimized for from the beginning.

Create Content Assets to Use in Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

A cleaning company needs to show its personality and work, along with the people behind the company in its ads. Someone is going to be more inclined to hire a cleaning company that they trust based on what they see, rather than an ad with nothing more than a company logo and offer.

Take photographs on the job and also at your office, including employees, company vehicles, etc. This can be done with an iPhone camera if you are on a budget or consider hiring a professional photographer to follow your crew for a day and snap a large collection of images.

You can do this once and have enough image content to last you multiple years. It’s a solid investment and can help elevate your Facebook ads. The more professional an image, the more prospective clients will trust your business the first time they interact with your advertisements.

Strategies to Create Effective Cleaning Service Facebook Ads

Now that you have a library of images to use with your cleaning company’s Facebook advertising campaign, let’s look at some strategies to help create ads that stand out and command attention in Facebook’s feed.

Even with accurate target and campaign settings, you need ads that grab the users’ attention. Most Facebook users are scrolling their feed looking for interesting content posted by friends, family, and the pages they follow. They are not specifically looking to engage with advertisements, but with the tips below you can create ads that attract attention in a busy feed.

Use Designs that Highlight Your Special Promotion

Rather than just using a regular picture in your ad, include some graphics and styling that make the entire ad’s image look like a special offer. Little graphic elements like a border that resembles coupon hashes can make your ad stand out and the consumer automatically associates it with a special offer because it resembles a coupon.

Expressions also do a great job of grabbing attention. Studies have shown that ads with pictures of people with their mouths open and showing excitement or shock will draw far more attention than one with someone with a standard facial expression.

Leverage FOMO and Enticing Promotions

FOMO or fear of missing out is a very effective way to attract engagement and actions with your cleaning company’s Facebook ads. Highlight the fact that your special offer expires, and the sooner the offer expires, the more FOMO the ad will instill.

Remember, you can always update your Facebook ad creative, so running ads that have a special offer that expires within a couple of days is a great way to leverage the fear of missing out. Extreme savings offers, like 30% to 40% off new customer introductory offers are also very effective.

Holiday offers also convert very well, so be sure to always run offers that coincide with major U.S. holidays. You can create ad images in advance, one for each major U.S. holiday, and be sure to adjust it to include colors and added graphics to represent the specific occasion.

Use Before and After Images

It’s hard to emphasize the high-quality work your cleaning service offers, but showcasing before and after photos can help make the point that a clean home or office is the result. Try to use before and after images that are relatable to your target customer.

You want the photos to have noticeable differences, but not unbelievable. The average consumer is very smart and will detect altered images or ones that are so extreme and unlikely. You can also experiment with using emojis in your text. Something like the shocked face emoji can help to highlight the difference that your cleaning service makes. Consumers use emojis daily in their communication and are very responsive to them when they are used in marketing messages.

Show the Human Side of Your Cleaning Business

Having employees in your ads showcases the human side of your business. Some cleaning companies will use stock photography and that typically will not perform well because the consumer knows the person isn’t an actual employee.

If you use this approach and include your staff, be sure they are in company uniforms and let them showcase their personality. A big smile while working gives the consumer seeing your ad the sense that your business is friendly and trustworthy.

Staff photos are also a great way to draw attention. This is especially true for holiday-themed advertisements. A picture of all your employees in front of one of the company vehicles smiling and waving with a message of, “Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours” will draw attention, instill instant trust, and lead to engagement and conversions.

Final Thoughts

Creating Facebook ads for cleaning companies that deliver results at a cost that keeps the business profitable is key, and we help professional cleaning companies throughout the U.S. attract commercial cleaning clients and residential cleaning customers through highly targeted Facebook ads.

If you would like to learn more about our Facebook ad management for cleaning companies, please contact us today to set up a time to speak with one of our team members. We will be more than happy to explain how our Facebook campaign management works as well as answer any questions you may have about advertising a cleaning company on Facebook.

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